1. Find A Property
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•  Contact Agent To Arrange A Viewing
•  Agent Authorises Account To Bid

2. Bidding
•  Get Instant Updates If Outbid
•  See All Bids, All The Time
•  Bid Any Time, Even When Agents Are Closed
•  Check For Instructions When Bid Is Accepted
•  Lodge Booking Deposit To Agents Clients Account

3. Contracts
•  Your Solicitor Conducts Due Diligence
•  All Parties Sign Contract
•  Pay Balance Of 10% To Your Solicitors

4. Close
•  Your Solicitor Draws Down Funds From Lender
•  All Parties Sign Closing Documents
•  Pay Balance Of Funds To Your Dolicitors

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What is Beagel Bid?

beagelbid connects property buyers, sellers and estate agents in real time; enabling fast, efficient, transparent 24/7 worldwide sales transactions.



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